Water, Water Everywhere – Sarah Walton

Water is a curious thing. A cool glass of water at the end of a long hot day is a welcomed pleasure.  Water sits in a glass, still, clear, fresh, just perfect to raise to one’s lips and sip.

Water in a glass is contained, controlled, still.

Water in a glass is very different from water en masse.  Water in a storm, water roaring down a clay cliffside, taking everything in its path with it. Changing the landscape forever after.

And yet it’s the same H2O whether it’s sitting in a glass or moving at speed in great volume during a storm.

The difference is the power that the volume of the water provides.

Isn’t the Holy Spirit a little like this.  We can keep Him contained in our hearts taking a little sip every now and then, and yes, we will be kept alive, sustained, our thirst quenched.  Or we can allow the holy spirit to move us with power – power to change the world around us.  His power in our lives should be gushing forth.  Jesus said in John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”

Prayer: Let us be people, LORD, who don’t restrict the flow of your Holy Spirit in our lives, but allow you the freedom to move mightily in and through us to transform the world around us.

Sarah Walton
PA to Ps Paul de Jong

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