To Fast or Not to Fast – Lili Lemalu

Having just come out of our church 3-day fast, I realised, that potentially, fasting seems to be in the same category as New Years resolutions to lose weight.

When we fasted in March everyone was in. Then in June you could sense people were waning, so when September came around for our last corporate fast for the year, people didn’t seem that concerned whether they were fasting or not.

I put myself in this category because it took some convincing for me to do the September full fast but I knew I had an outstanding long list of prayer needs I needed God to move on.

A couple of them have me so desperate that I end up in tears many times because I need God to respond when I cry out to Him.  Just like He said He would when we truly fasted as written in Isaiah 58.

To fast or not to fast? – you’d think it would be a no brainer.

Lili Lemalu
Community Team

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