The Power of an Invitation – Diane Pantoja

A friend once asked me, “Do you want to have dinner?” Of course, I said “yes” and next thing I knew, we were having Psalm 139 with dessert. Yes, there was a Bible study hidden somewhere in that dinner invite. As shocked as I was, that was the first of many, many nights of feasting on food and the Word. What came out of that invitation was 4+ women discovering the wonder of God, gaining a genuine understanding of grace, experiencing the fullness of His love, and then receiving Jesus as a personal Lord and Saviour. Eight years later and I am still basking in the joy of my salvation. How good is God?!

The bible tells a story of another invitation in John 1:43-50. Jesus invites Philip,“Follow me”, to which Phillip accepts. At some point, he finds Nathanael and says, “I found the guy Moses was talking about. Man, Jesus is the real deal! You should COME AND SEE.” Because of Phillip’s invitation, Nathanael meets Jesus, believes in Him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Perfect Love.
Perfect Peace.

These are some of the wonderful things that are waiting on the other side of an invitation –more specifically and exclusively, if it’s the kind that points others to Jesus. How powerful are the things God can do. But also, how powerful are the things that God can do through the invitations we extend? Philip literally said three words and changed Nathanael’s life.

We often underestimate the power of an invitation. When was the last time you actually invited someone to “come & see”? Have you ushered people towards Jesus or pointed others in his direction? The enemy tricks us into believing a multitude of lies to stifle our invitation. We find ourselves thinking we don’t need to invite them because they’ve got it all together. Or what’s the point, if they will say no anyway, there will always a next time… #NOTTODAY.

“Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? I’m here inviting outsiders, not insiders—an invitation to a changed life, changed inside and out.” —JESUS (Luke 5:31-32, MSG)

I pray today and for the rest of our lives that we believe in the life-transforming power of our invitation. I pray we drive out the spirit of fear and timidity in us and operate with power and love that God so generously gave us.

Father, break down walls, soften hearts, and open minds. May our invitations reach the ones you chose and the ones you love. Use us for your glory.

In Jesus’ mighty and beautiful name, Amen.

There is a celebration at our house and our team have spent the past few weeks working on The Homecoming, an invitation to anyone and everyone to come home and find their very personal seat at the table… the Lord’s table.

If you would like to extend the invite to someone in your world, all the details are up on our website.

Diane Pantoja
Senior Designer

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