The Personality of the Holy Spirit

And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.  Eph 4:30

It’s easy to think of God in terms of His attributes of being all wise, all powerful, and simultaneously present everywhere, yet neglect the reality of His personality that He can be pleased, angered, laugh, or be grieved etc. God has created us in His image with a personality capable of experiencing a full range of emotions just like Him. He also gave us a free will, capable of honouring or dishonouring Him. When we take our free will and turn it against His gracious will, He is grieved and feels disappointment in His heart. Imagine the incredible pain God feels in His heart at a world that has by in large turned their backs on Him? A view of God as stoic, distant, and unmoved by human behaviour certainly isn’t the picture the Bible paints for us. Jesus suffered, He rejoiced, He felt human pain, He was angered, He wept, He groaned, He bled, He grieved as He entered into our world, and so too does the Holy Spirit who has come to live in us. His perfection and supreme intelligence guarantees that His grief over Man’s disobedience is infinitely more pronounced because He is acutely aware of the compounding implications of such decisions on the world around us. The Holy Spirit is likened to a dove, not a bull in a china shop, and we are the ones exhorted to live a God-conscious lifestyle of sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, so as to not cause grief for Him in our thoughts, words, or deeds.

Prayer: Lord, help me to really know You, to know what You like and dislike and help me to live in the light of Your abiding presence. Forgive me for when I have grieved You, and help me to live for Your pleasure and honour from this day forward. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scriptures for Reflection: Gen 6:6; Ps 7:11; Mk 3:5, John 11:33,35,38;

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