Something Grand – Jamie Wong

A trickle of water crawls across the rugged rock face. Timidly, it carries the dirt and sand that had fallen fortuitously on its path. The rock scarcely notices. Over time what was once a shy stream gains confidence and evolves into an excitable river. The river travels through the cracks and crevasses crafted by the flow that preceded it with renewed vigour. Persistently, it labours away at the rock face making its intent to erode known. The river is carving its pathway deeper into the fallible land. But the seasons change and torrents of rain provoke the waters. What was once a steady stream becomes a hostile deluge. The turbulent water in its antagonism refuses to show mercy as it sweeps away anything that lies in its path. Its movements make change. But the season passes and eventually the waters reside. In its wake, a majestic sight remains. The Grand Canyon. Incomparable in magnificence, inconceivable in magnitude.

The mighty masterpiece of the Grand Canyon was chiseled by the turbulent waters of the Colorado river. No one could have envisaged the majesty and grandeur of the finished work when the river was raging, yet indescribable beauty emerged when the water receded.

In my life, God is on the move. I can feel His living water erode the redundant dreams, hopes and desires that I have habitually harboured. In my naivety, I thought I had given all that I was capable of giving to God. But I’ve learned lately that there was more to hand over. He’s clearing the path for His plans. The speck of who I am is in the process of being carved by the mighty hand of a grand God. It is in His movements that He sweeps away my imperfect man-made expectations and refines the image of who He is in me. There is no sense in resisting the flow of God. I must allow the God-ordained erosion and wait in anticipation for the water to retreat. I have faith that something grand will emerge. So grand that it is exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I could ever imagine, think, dream or desire because He is at work in me.

The rushing river rages, but I refuse to be overwhelmed. Although characterised by discomfort, this season that I traverse is built on a foundation of peace in knowing that I am well and truly anchored in God’s will. Through the tempestuous waters He is stretching me, expanding my territory, expanding my dreams, expanding my expectations. If He is the God of exceedingly, abundantly and above all that I can fathom, then perhaps His plan for my life truly is more than what I had thought I was ever capable of. I have high expectations of myself, how much higher are His expectations for me? There must be sense in His movements. Maybe my life is intended to be more than just ‘good’. Maybe, just maybe, He is making me into something grand for Him.

Jamie Wong
Marketing and Digital Manager

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