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It’s just…it’s just…

“JUST.” It’s JUST one of those words. You don’t fully realize how much you use it until you think about it. Then when you’re conscious of it, it becomes one of those things where you’re listening to someone speak and you start counting the number of times they say “um.” “So yesterday I um, I totally um, went shopping and um when I walked into the first shop I um…” yep – definitely over the “um” quota for 1 sentence. But hey, we’ve all been there right? It’s funny how some words just slip into our vocabulary and they don’t even need to be there. Now I’m not just talking about swear words or words that bring others down, I mean those aren’t ideal, but I’m talking about the words we add to our vocabulary on a daily basis that tear us down. And the strangest thing? We don’t even realize we’re doing it.

When you get that compliment on that new haircut – “Oh yeah, thanks. It’s just a quick trim.” Or how about when you did an awesome Uni presentation – “Oh thanks, I’ll probably just get a B+” Or even when your bestie gets that awesome opportunity that you secretly (or not so secretly) wanted…”Mate! I guess she’s just better at that than me.”

The problem with JUST is that it doesn’t seem like much in the moment but after a while, it downplays your worth and worse yet, you start to believe it. It becomes normal. I’ve learnt that one first hand! And sheesh, it’s a thief.

Have you ever had someone tell you to think smaller? I have. I had big dreams when I was younger; unfortunately I let other people tell me that they were “just too unrealistic.” When that stuff comes from people you love and trust, you let it in.

I want to be like David! He was told, “you’re just a boy.” But did he let that stop him from stepping into the challenge put before him? NO! Because God called him to defeat that giant and David knew – more than his limitations – Gods call on his life.

Here’s a couple of things that I’ve learnt in my own life about what happens when you listen to; or believe that you are ‘Just’ something:

  1. It downplays your worth // “You’re just a boy.” Thanks King Saul. Yeah, David might have been a boy but he was a boy who knew his worth. Too many times in our lives we use the word ‘Just’ to justify our worth. Maybe it’s in our job: “I’m just the admin lady.” Maybe it’s the comparison within your family: “my brothers just so much better than me at that.” When we let that word justify who we are, we question the very fact that God made us in His own image. Wow!
  2. It deters you from God’s call // Imagine if David stood back after being told he was ‘just a boy.’ “Oh ok. You’re right. Sorry team. If you can’t fight Goliath then I definitely can’t.” NO! There was a giant before David that God called him to defeat and he didn’t let anything or anyone get in the way of that.

Next time you start counting the ‘ums’ in someone’s speech, use it as a reminder to count the ‘Justs’ in your own. You are not JUST ‘fearfully and wonderfully made” or JUST “knit together in your mothers womb” and David was not JUST a boy. If you want to step into your call and brave it like David did, put down the JUST, get rid of the excuses and pick up your slingshot!

Samuel 17:50 // So David triumphed over the philistine with only a sling and a stone…”

Lily Sanford
North Campus Young Adults Pastor

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