James 5 Musings – Steve Clark

James 5:1-11

Here are some musing’s I had on James 5.  As Kiwi’s we are amongst the wealthiest of nations.  It is a challenging and confronting text for those with wealth and riches.  It is not a passage typically you hear preached on.  I sometimes like to look at a negative text or statement, for example on sin and wickedness and write down the opposite to give insight in righteous living.  If the text is saying don’t do ‘X’ – the negative, then I also jot down – do ‘Y’ the positive.  This has helped me reflect on the positive and negative meaning – the challenge of the warning and the encouragement of the positive behaviour.

So in these last days…

As New Zealanders, we are among the wealthy in this world….

Fear and surrender to God; in all areas, business, work, wealth…

Be generous, sow into the kingdom, support the harvesters….

Be selfless, live disciplined, live dedicated, set-apart and with self-sacrifice….

Be patient, trust in God, rejoice and be glad, encourage each other…..

Persist and persevere, don’t give up, wait patiently for the God who ordained the seasons….

Through coming economic challenges – continue to sow into the kingdom, to support the harvesters, be patient – waiting for God’s seasons and appointed times – persevere in His ways and you will reap the reward.


Steve Clark
Business Pastor

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