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I once heard the saying that being a leader (or Pastor) is not a right, it’s an incredible privilege! That the reality of leading people isn’t something to be taken lightly. That someone’s past, present and future is in our hands.

I’ve often had impressed on my heart the words: GO HARD, OR GO HOME!

The truth is none of us know how long our season will be in the area of life we lead, and I don’t know about you, but I want to make the most of it while I’m in it!!!

One of the many leadership keys I’ve learnt in my years of leading people is to grow your know. So let’s take the next portion of time together to look at seven areas on how to grow your know in leadership.


      1. Know the WHY behind the WHAT

Ask yourself these questions:
Why do we do what we do?
Do we have a focused strategy?
Where are we going?
What are we positioned to do in today’s society?
It’s crucial to know the direction your team is going in. At LIFE we have an overarching vision that is our WHY behind the WHAT that we do.

“we are here to impact and change our generation with the reality of Jesus”

In the bible, Habakkuk 2 talks of writing out the vision, making it plain so people may run with it.

Let me ask you this… how simply can you articulate the vision, direction, goals and focuses of what you’re leading? Not just you, what about those that lead under you? If I asked your team to articulate those areas, how do you think they would go?

Do they know the why behind the what?

I believe our leadership teams need to be able to echo and amplify the heart beat of what we are focusing on and trying to achieve.

Without the WHY we can all easily fall into the trap of simply being numbers driven. When I first became youth pastor I stood up and told our youth we’d double by the end of the year and have over 1000 in our youth ministry. As each Friday night passed and we were no closer to that dream, the more disappointed I became, and the more I felt like a failure.

Don’t get me wrong. God is into numbers. There’s a book in the bible called Numbers! And in the book of Numbers God commanded Moses to take a census of the people of Israel. So there is an importance to numbers, but it shouldn’t be the WHY behind our WHAT.

Let’s be leaders that can clearly define our WHY, that can focus the WHY, and lead out of the WHY.


      2. Know where you are at

They say that “knowledge is power”, and I, in part, believe in this statement. The understanding of your ministries (or company’s) statistics, knowing the numbers, can be extremely beneficial.

The more we know about where we are at and where our people are at, the more empowered we are to effectively impact and influence lives and build something that is growing and effective.

In fact it’s not just enough for us to know where we are at, it’s something our key teams need to be aware of also.

I’m not into generalizations. I’m not into just hearing about the great vibe or the good feels, although it’s valuable to know, I’m someone who’s into the detail. Getting into the detail has helped me direct time, people and financial resource into the right areas.

If you don’t currently and accurately know where you are at, why don’t you set aside some time to discover the detail. Don’t live by generalizations and throw away comments. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the vibe and how something feels each week, but search and seek for in-depth insights into how what you’re responsible for is growing. You might just be surprised at what you find.


      3. Know that people are our priority

YES, we do events but we are not an event driven ministry. I remember days when I was youth pastoring and we’d have an incredible growth in numbers on a Friday night service but our Connect Groups weren’t growing. The very place where people’s personal growth took place.

The truth was, we had only built a crowd, and we had to shift to building a core.

In-fact at one stage we cut over 50% of our events off our annual calendar. Yes, we saw a decrease in attendance numbers as our focus went from events to people growth. However, after over a year of doing this the numbers came back. But, this time they were surrounded by a large core of committed growing people!

Just because your event runs well doesn’t mean it’s building and growing people. Numbers don’t always equal health. We were pumping all this money and time into big events but there was no lasting fruit.

Take a look at your annual calendar of events. Are they just making you feel good because they get a good turnout yet have no lasting fruit? Ask yourself this, what do I need to prune off the tree of my events so that I can see a greater harvest?


      4. Know how to grow BIG

B.I.G. Belong – Invest – Grow

Even though I’m no longer the Youth Pastor at LIFE I still get asked this question often “How do you grow your youth ministry?”

Everyone wants BIG growth and everyone wants an increase in attendance. There’s something about large growth that makes us feel better about ourselves, makes us feel that we’re making a difference, that we are actually an effective leader. It’s not wrong to have those feelings, however in this BIG growth principle I want to shift your perception of what BIG growth looks like.

The BIG principle:
BELONG – Make people of any shape and size feel like they are a part of a family, a home. Everyone has a deep desire to feel like they belong somewhere.
INVEST – Their God shape, getting people to invest who they are (not just financially) into building what they’re a part of. We are here to build the church, not something separate.
GROW – I believe that planted people prosper. Once someone is planted they can build meaningful relationships and grow in their personal/inner world.

Let’s believe for and commit to BIG growth.


      5. Know who’s aligned

The bible teaches that unity commands a blessing. For me, one of the most important things to have in any team is unity and heart alignment. So often people operate out of their gifting and talent, but if it’s not attached to purpose, our ministries will end up ineffective.

You may have great people on your team, extremely gifted people on your team, but if something’s not clicking then something needs to change or be addressed.
Who likes confrontation? Not me! But the reality of being a leader is the need to confront. I’ve experience healthy and unhealthy confrontation. Confrontation, if done well, can set yourself and your team up for a win!

Over the years I’ve had to sit with leaders in my key teams and address their heart alignment. Let me encourage you that It’s not going to be the easy thing to do, but it’s worth it.

When I was a young leader I myself got sat down and confronted about my heart alignment. That was an uncomfortable moment for me. I was one of those leaders that always thought “I wouldn’t do it that way….” What I had to realize is that I was not accountable for this ministry, so I had to let those opinions go and get in line. I had to realign my heart, lead in unity, or get off the team.

Is there anyone in your team that you need to confront about heart alignment?


      6. Know your purpose

Do you have a clear identity as a ministry? What about you as a leader? Do you know who you are as a leader/pastor? As they say, it flows from the top down.

What is unique about who you are?

Don’t try to be another or like another ministry, organization, business or pastor. You don’t have to be who you’re not, but be who you are! Discover who you are! God has appointed and called you to be yourself. A specific purpose, set of giftings and abilities that no one else has. You do you!

A number of years ago I pulled our creative team around me and asked these questions: What defines us and what is our identity?

Out of that came our design shape, our look and feel, and our branding.

People want to know what they’re a part of, and people love to be proud of what they’re a part of. People also love to know who their leader is and are drawn to leaders who know their purpose and stand in who they are called to be.


      7. Know the focus is not the focus

After giving you six areas to focus on to grow your know, I now tell you the focus is not the focus. You might be thinking, what is this guy on?!? Hear me out. It’s good to be planned out, to know what we need to focus on in each season. I believe in knowing the detail, the in’s and out’s over what we are responsible for.

Yet as great as that all is, at the end of the day, our focus, our goal, is that people’s lives would be changed! That Our focus is not the focus. That He is our ultimate focus.

I hope these seven areas of how to Grow your KNOW have inspired you to look at how you lead differently. If you just took away ONE thing from this read that you could apply to your today, then you would be taking a great step in the direction of your leadership.

Today, why don’t you commit to Grow your KNOW.


Bradden (B-rad) du Jary
Kingdom Events Director & Global Impact

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