God Delights Himself In His Creation – Sarah Walton

“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good” (Gen 1:31)

There is a cactus that is found in the deserts of southwest America and Mexico called the Queen of the Night which blooms just once a year, for just one night.

Every time one of those flowers blooms, and sings of the glory of God in its beauty, God smiles. He smiles as he watches its petals unfurl, he smiles as He smells its delicate vanilla perfume, utterly charmed and delighted by His handiwork.  God takes great delight as this simple plant makes its annual stage appearance, whether or not there is a human audience present to enjoy the show. This cactus points to a God who loves His creation, who takes great delight in what His hands have made.

That cactus may have gone unnoticed by us humans for centuries, but it brings glory to God because it just is exactly what God made it to be.  Blooming in the deep of the night, it shines a little piece of glory into the barren desert landscape.

The Queen of the Night points to a God who is extravagant in His creation –who generously covers the earth in things not just of function but also of beauty.  And he created you and I.

Sit awhile in His presence and let him lavish His delight on you.  Nothing else will make your heart leap out of your chest so much as knowing his utter delight in you, in the work of His hands. What you do doesn’t matter so much as who you are – a cherished child of the Creator of the Universe, every tiny detail of who you are selected to bring a smile to his face.

Sarah Walton
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