Feeling it?

A couple of months ago we moved to West Auckland, which meant a longer drive for me going to work. I decided to listen to a podcast to ‘kill’ time driving in busy traffic. But as I was searching for the app on my phone, I couldn’t find it! I decided to use the search button and there it was. It was actually on one of the other windows open on my phone (I know, I tend to use my mouth to search for things).

I heard this small voice say, “just because you can’t feel it or see it doesn’t mean its not there”. At that moment I knew exactly what the Holy Spirit was trying to say to me. A lot of times our focus will determine what we see or feel. God has given us the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in our daily life, but I often ignore Him because my focus is on something else.

Just because we don’t see or feel the Holy Spirit, doesn’t mean He’s not there. I want to encourage us to focus on our Counsellor who will lead us into walking in His plan. The only way to know Him, is to spend time with Him.

Be blessed!


Lucko Prawito
Photography Co-ordinator

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  1. Amen! I thought I wasn’t feeling God’s presence but he was there the whole time and when I was going through a rough time with a family member who tried to take her life I had to reach out after seeing that tv show few weeks ago and thought let’s check out this website and here good was leading me to something much better for my health. Praise God for his Mercy on us!?

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