Confidence – Paul de Jong

Have you ever watched a child as they go through their early childhood development, and for the most part parents don’t have to encourage them much to crawl, walk, run, talk, draw, the list goes on. By the time they hit the terrific two’s, they are a fully-fledged confidence machine.  They give most parents heart attacks as they try everything, push the limits of their ability and beyond.  That was us!!! Now fast forward to the someone who has lived life a bit, and we can see the stark contrast of a life that now accommodates  fears, uncertainties, failures , doubts and distrust.  What happened? Life happened, but more than that, somewhere along the line, we consciously or unconsciously, made a decision to let our confidence go.

The Bible says that, we shouldn’t cast off our confidence, because it has great reward.  So much in this world wants to attack the very fabric of who we are, and our future potential, and wants to paint a very different picture to the one we had when self-belief, self-esteem and our dreams were alive in us. Can I encourage you to answer the confidence challenge, by opening up our hearts to an unlimited God who has great plans for us, and hear what he has to say about us and our future and make a conscience effort to silence the biggest voice.

Ps Paul de Jong
Senior Pastor

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  1. So good. That’s why we need to approach God with the confidence of a little child who feels safe in the unconditional love of a great parent.

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