Share Scheming

Sharing the bottom–line with the frontline, the supply-line, and those back at the clothesline. 1 Samuel 29-30 – This is the story of David’s family being kidnapped, how the rescue played out and the debate and decision over how the spoils of victory should be distributed. I reckon it offers some righteous principles for generosity, profit sharing and employee share schemes today.  A key scripture […]

Bless Like This…

Are you keen on increase, fruitfulness and favour in your business or profession; in your life generally? How about protection, security and safety? And acceptance, belief, identity and belonging? I think we would all like a grace for what we do, an ease, a flow, kind breaks and help in our work, professions and businesses. […]

Getting to know Guy Howard-Willis

Our Master Classes are a distinctive aspect of LIFE Conference and a highlight for many people. The Business Master Class aims to support people actively involved in the business world, as either professionals or business owners. We are excited to announce Guy Howard-Willis (Torpedo7, 1-day) as one of our keynote speakers at the Business Master […]