A Call to Dream – Maree de Jong

As Sistas Conference gets closer, I wanted to take a moment to share a thought on our theme: Dream. My heart is that all Sistas near and far would be known as dreamers: those who dare to believe in His wondrous, expansive and dazzling plans for their lives and push forward to see those dreams become reality.

When I was praying about this year’s conference, I felt led to Abraham’s story in Genesis 15. Abraham dreamed that he would have a son, greatly desiring descendants of his own. In the midst of his disappointment, God led Abraham outside to view the vast night sky in its bright and endless beauty. God’s promise to Abraham was that just as the stars were countless, so too would his descendants be. As Abraham’s story continues, we see that indeed God does bless Abraham with descendants—age and circumstance proving to be no hindrance to God’s plan.

While Abraham’s physical answer to prayer is astonishing, that’s actually not the end of the story. Galatians 3 speaks further to this miracle:

So also Abraham ‘believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.’ Understand, then, that those who have faith are children of Abraham. Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: ‘All nations will be blessed through you.’ So those who rely on faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. (Galatians 3:6-9)

Just by your faith today—regardless of how small or large you feel it might be—you are proving that God is faithful to the promises He makes. As each person’s life is transformed by the power of the cross, the promise Abraham received  is fulfilled over and over again through his spiritual descendants; our lives as evidence of God’s character and faithfulness. Every breath you take today is proof that He can be trusted with the dreams buried deep within your heart.

This is the kind of dreaming God beckons us to experience: to trust that His plans for us extend far wider than what we picture right now in this moment, that the extent of His reach through our lives would influence many individuals—far beyond what we can see. He asks us to dream bigger, bolder and more fiercely than ever before, to throw our full weight on Him and trust Him to use every breath we take to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Dear Sista, wherever you find yourself right now, I encourage you to take stock of the dreams you find within yourself. Have you submitted them to God? Is anything blocking you from trusting Him fully?  The call to dream isn’t a passive one—it requires action, to position ourselves to receive from Him and move our hands into action as He asks us to. In God’s plan, the call to be a dreamer is also the call to be a doer.

I pray you’re encouraged as you read this, and dare to dream more bravely and confidently than ever before.

Dream big.
Dream bold.

I can’t wait to see you in September!

With love,

Ps Maree de Jong
Senior Pastor

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  1. Daring to dream …inspired by vision … God’s purpose revealed…in His hands I commit… in Him I trust ❤

  2. I have dreams – and this encouragement is powerful. To collect our dreams and assess if we are holding them before God daily so nothing blocks them is a wonderful thought and action. I dream of building a massive real-life Pilgrim’s Progress walk-through in Thames-Coromandel in similar style to the Hobbiton – complete with giants and tiny-home villages. I want this set up as a trust so funds can feed back into our communities lives. I want tourists of all cultures to enjoy the power of the Gospel presented in this unique and thought-provoking way. And we are right at the door of this becoming a reality in our town. I love to hear other’s dreams of extending the message through the incredible gifts Jesus has lavished on us all. We live in an exciting time were we are almost pleasantly pushed into His protective embrace as we face the challenges of today’s society. Dream big Sistas – can’t wait to attend with our group of girls!!

  3. This years Sistas theme is so on point for where I am at right now! I am so excited and open to hear what God has for my friends and I. My Dream is big…to grow my small Beauty Salon beyond what I can even imagine. I dedicate my business to him daily and pray each day that God will bless the work of my hands. He has given me the gift of blessing my clients, they often fall asleep! My ‘Why’ I do what I do? Is to Empower Women to Feel their Best. I love what I do and I need to put my trust in God MORE. x

  4. Just what we needed -4 years ago we took over a boxing gym that was about to close-our dream was to build it up better than it ever been.
    prayed for trainers (today we trained 4 + my Hubby) prayed for a big building that didn’t leek-God Blessed us with 100% funded $140000.00 gym and on top a $35000. new equipment to add to what we have. we so busy we went from Boxing fitness classes to severing our community.
    on top of that we donated food to different churches and groups, give out shoes to kids that dont have them.and we play Christian music/wrap in the Classes. Gods opened so many Doors it blows us away. we spent 40+ hr unpaid but love every min of it. the witness/outreach God has us doing #1
    Dream Big -Trust God -Enjoy the ride.

    1. Hey Sandra! Love hearing all the things you’re doing and the doors that have been opened, and we’re believing that more doors will be opened for you! continue to dream big!!!!

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