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Teach Me Lord

I pride plateaus in learning but a teachable heart continues to scale the mountain of truth. Are you willing to learn about your spouse’s needs and not take offence when you learn that you are not meeting them? Needs fulfilled in a marriage are vitally important. You first need to create a safe place in […]

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Surviving High School as a Christian

High School – one of the most crazy, changeable, intense times of your life. It’s different for everyone, but for me, at times it was definitely a challenge. Being at a school of over 2500 students, fitting in, but not fitting in too much at moments proved to be a little difficult. Year 9 and […]

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Get Up and Grow

Saturday mornings were for watching cartoons. Curled up in a warm blanket, I would sit in front of the 13” TV we inherited from a family friend. “Click, click, click” the screen would randomly go black until I hit the top of it, bringing back the picture. It was annoying, but nothing was more excruciating […]

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Learning to Love Again

Have you ever been hurt by someone before? Have you ever had someone close to you hurt you? Someone you invested time, energy and maybe even money into? Family, a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend? No matter who it has been, the result is the same. Pain, hurt, anger, confusion, sadness, regret, all these things we […]

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