Trust – Paul de Jong

Stephen R. Covey says – Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.  Trust remains a major needed active ingredient to experience relational success on every level, therefore the depth of our relationships is determined by the level of developed trust. By and large we are living in a world of distrust, from broken agreements to broken hearts, but it is trust that makes life work.

We eat food prepared by others, drive on roads built by others; we rely, every day, actions of others, and we are relied upon in turn. Where trust fails chaos closes in. Our entire civilization relies on a singular faith that we can count on others. Where trust is thick, we walk out of our homes, go shopping, play in the park, knowing that we are safe, knowing that danger is a rarity. Where trust is thin, we stay indoors, the parks are closed, the government corrupt, and danger is the norm. Life without trust is a fearful, ragged existence. Without trust, we are the lone wolf, proud and aloof. And inevitably doomed.

At the core of it though, Trust is a heart issue and is attacked by our human perspective because of what we hear see and experience in our lives. But if Trust is the foundation to needed relationships, then a trust centred in God, is the key to leading us into a future filled with freedom.  Trust is a decision that you and I get to make!

Ps Paul de Jong
Senior Pastor

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