The Significance of a Smile

How often have you been asked the question at church on a Sunday ‘How’s your week been?’

I am asked that often, and I usually respond with a flippant ‘Oh much of the same.’

If I stop and dissect my week, I would actually discover it has been quite significant. Obviously I spend the majority part of my life being a mum and a wife, but I also have opportunities every day to impact others in my world.

I will deliver meals to a family whose child has been in hospital, or a Mum coping with a new born and 2 other toddlers. Although I deliver meals on a regular basis, for those families it is hugely significant. I will have coffee with someone who knows God is calling them for something more, but they are unsure or fearful of the next step, so I will pray and guide them through it. When their face lights up at the realisation that there is a place within LIFE for them to fulfil their purpose, that is hugely significant. Even a hug on a Sunday shows someone they are valued, if they are feeling down that day, it’s hugely significant.

June was Legacy month for our church. Over 3 weeks we watched videos of the reach LIFE has into Church, Community, Business and Kingdom. Our church initiatives only happen when an individual decides to fill a need that seems insignificant but will significantly impact another.

So, how’s your week been? What do you dream about that can be actioned into having a significant impact in church, business or community? Come and chat with your Regional Pastor so we can change your ‘Much of the same’ week into an ‘Incredibly significant’ week.

Susan Lipscombe
Regional Pastor

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