The Lifestyle of Creativity – Nathan de Jong

I once heard a quote that went “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Such a simple phrase, yet this is something that resonates in my own life more and more as I understand the realities of making ideas and objectives become a success.

As someone who would call themselves somewhat of a “creative” person, I totally believe in the power of spontaneity, and that the brilliant ideas we have will come sometimes in the most unexpected forms or when we least expect them too.

In saying this, I have found that this moment of inspiration will come, nine times out of ten, through the discipline of good habits. When we constantly put ourselves in the space for creativity, and practice the habit of this as a daily lifestyle, then that’s when we have these moments of inspiration that can change everything. When we commit to the process, rather than the outcome, that’s when it becomes a more natural thing and we begin to develop the art of bringing who we are, as unique individuals, to these ideas.

Commit to a daily approach, start with a small amount of time and build from there and you will see this become a reality in your life. Stay the course and play the long term game, nothing good comes easy, work for it and you will achieve more than you ever thought possible!


Nathan de Jong
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