That Which I Dare Create – Jamie Wong

There is something seriously seductive about creativity. Perhaps it’s in the way she whispers in your ear to take your mind off the limitations of logic. She so effortlessly lures you to step outside of the box of conventionalism. She draws you away from the crowds and their tried and true theories. Her siren song arouses your imagination to dream for what could be and then leads you down a path that no one dared travel before. But are you boldly willing to follow?

Oftentimes, I witness within myself the Jekyll and Hyde act between the academic and the artist. The split personalities of fact versus fantasy contend to reveal themselves in the way I choose to spend my time. Who prevails is often determined by my willingness to reveal a little bit more of who I am in the work I do. Creativity is a concoction of chaos and character. It requires vulnerability. There is something undeniably attractive about vulnerability, but it leaves you open to being crippled by criticism – the greatest obstruction to greater creativity. Herein lies a catch-22. Creativity is the most persuasive, passionate and powerful when the creator is willing to reveal more of himself in his work.  Perhaps it’s the deep crying out to deep that carries the weight of credibility. There is nothing in me that runs deeper than the God who created me in His image. If God has revealed Himself in His creation of me, perhaps I can reveal more of Him by weaving more of myself into what I create.

So I’ll keep doing what I do, boldly pouring more of who I am into my craft in the hopes that God will decide to show Himself in it. Creativity requires that I incline my ear to the whispers of a creative God. I am determined that in every expression of this creativity in and through me, others could point to a song, performance, prose or piece and say, “there’s something of God in that”. I am captivated by creativity and its ability to usher in the presence of God. Beyond words on a page, a melody sung or colours on canvas, may I never lose sight of the responsibility and honour it is to be gifted with the ability to create.  I am determined to live a life that is just as much inspired as it is inspiring. May I forever guard the gift of creativity and never let it drown in the tides of criticism, insecurity, pride or busyness. In everything that I dare to create, may you see a glimpse of God.

Jamie Wong
Marketing & Digital Manager (& Worship Leader)

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