Share Scheming

Sharing the bottom–line with the frontline, the supply-line, and those back at the clothesline. 1 Samuel 29-30 – This is the story of David’s family being kidnapped, how the rescue played out and the debate and decision over how the spoils of victory should be distributed. I reckon it offers some righteous principles for generosity, profit sharing and employee share schemes today.  A key scripture […]

Bless Like This…

Are you keen on increase, fruitfulness and favour in your business or profession; in your life generally? How about protection, security and safety? And acceptance, belief, identity and belonging? I think we would all like a grace for what we do, an ease, a flow, kind breaks and help in our work, professions and businesses. […]

The Church…An enterprising business woman – Steve Clark

In brief:  Embrace your gifts and abilities in business as part of Gods purpose for you and His church.  It is part of the full expression of the Church, a bride operating with wisdom and noble character and receiving praise and reward. ——————————– The Church is known as the bride of Christ.  We, her members, […]