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Seek Wonder. Know Hope.

Just like that, we’ve made it to the end of the year and the Christmas season is upon us. While Christmas is such a significant time for Christians in particular, it sometimes can feel like it can be a fight to perceive and celebrate the sanctity of the season. Every time I drive into a shopping centre’s carpark recently, I feel like I’ve entered a game of Musical Chairs that no-one quite remembers signing up for, nor do they look like they’re enjoying it one bit.

By no means am I pointing a finger at anyone who is feeling overwhelmed right now, as I most certainly feel it right now too. If I’m frank, this year has been hard. In the lives of those around me, there has been significant tragedy and heartbreak moments. I personally have been humbled as I have learnt more about my limits, and at one point came way too close to burning out. Humanity’s cry for value, worth, hope and peace is almost deafening right now. In the midst of that, I have also been fortunate enough to see salvations, restoration, marriages, newborns, reunions, laughter and new friends. Has this year been good? Certainly, but it has not come without its cost.

And so here I find myself, the week of Christmas and my thoughts of this year lead me to a stable, many miles and years away from here. It was here, in a lowly setting, that Jesus was born. There he lies, a baby in a manger, amongst the mess that would surely have waged war on our senses. The greatness of God in a surprisingly small package, overwhelming those who met Him with awe and wonder.

God has an amazing ability to illuminate the mundane with His glory.

In Isaiah He is called Emmanuel, meaning God with us. God walking with us. God talking with us. God in and amongst every detail of our lives. The divine now in reach, stretching out to meet us where we are. While Christmas lights might do their best to hint at the glory of God, the true power of Christmas is the realisation that glory came in a meek vessel, that we might understand how passionate and willing He is to know us.

I don’t know what you find yourself surrounded by today. I can’t know how mundane, how painful or how busy it feels. What I can say with absolute assurance is that God is there with you, reaching out His hand and beckoning you to do the same. The wonder of Christmas and the beauty of ‘Emmanuel’ isn’t denying what surrounds you, but rather welcoming Him into it.

Wherever you might find yourself today, stealing away 5 minutes to yourself to have a quick read of this, I pray that you are overwhelmed by the enormity of ‘God with us’. I pray that He would flood your heart with peace and joy. As Acts 17 and Jeremiah 29 remind us, He is not far from each one of us, and if we seek Him with our whole hearts we will find Him.

He is near, waiting to flood our sight with wonder and fill our hearts with hope.
Merry Christmas!

Caleb Mays
Marketing Coordinator

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