No Strings Attached

“…Even when I’m not frogging I like to think of myself as always being an undercover red frog…”

When I moved up from Hawkes Bay I was kind of shocked to hear about Red Frogs, in an amazing way of course. It’s this organization that doesn’t ask for anything in return.

As soon as I found out my practicum at Life Leadership College was in Community I wanted to become a part of Red Frogs. You put on this t-shirt carrying this ‘brand’ and instantly you are associated with these awesome stories of ‘Froggers’ just loving on anyone and everyone despite the situation. In a sense, for me, it immediately showed me that I was a part of something bigger. It isn’t about me but this incredible movement God is doing with this organization Red Frogs who bring positive change to a generation in which alcohol and drugs is a huge culture.

The first event I attended I actually saw a few people from my high school back home. It was so awesome to see them but it kind of broke my heart because they had a drink in each hand and couldn’t actually hold a conversation with me.

I like serving with red frogs because I think I see a bit of myself in the young people we are looking out for. I have been where they are, just trying to forget or become someone I’m not for a little while. I wish for my younger self at party’s that I had a space to go to just hang out and take a break and have a conversation with someone who cares about me. I want others who are caught up in drugs or alcohol to have that opportunity which is why I think even when I’m not frogging I like to think of myself as always being an undercover red frog. At all stages of my life I want to create a space where people know they can come to be loved and take a break without judgment.

The thing that shocked me about red frogs is that they are actually just there to support and love on the people. There’s no ‘take this bible’ or any force. It’s just ‘hey we love you and we want to make sure you’re safe’. There are no strings attached. This personally reminds me of Jesus, a grace we don’t deserve and an endless love no matter what, no strings attached. He will love us the same amount whether we love him back or not.

I am so thankful that I get to be a part of this movement God is doing and also to the amazing group leaders I have had the honour to serve under who run red frogs at the different events so well!

Written by Tayla Hales, student at LIFE.

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