Harvest of Hope – Paul de Jong

I’m sure we’ve all heard it, and we’ve probably all said it, “I hope things, either change or get better”.  It’s like a desperate plea for change, but not attached to anything of substance. Paul states in the bible that three things remain in life; faith, hope and love. What catapults us toward our God destiny? The three lasting God breathed values The importance of FAITH to release the supernatural, The foundation of LOVE to establish our relationship and The link of HOPE that connects the two. Charles Spurgeon the great preacher said “Faith walks up the stairs that love built to the window that hope opened”.

 Without hope, life loses its meaning, when we lose hope – lose your horizon, Biblical Hope releases confidence because God is trustworthy. Life happens to us, and it attacks our hope, and so much of our lives is decided by our current perspective, and if we have no hope, we have no horizon, and we can’t see what is ahead, and if we can’t see a hope filled future, we have no future harvest in our life. Farmers are a great example of people who have a hope in Harvest. They have to see beyond the seed they are planting, the shoots that are yet to come, the challenges that the weather and the climate will bring, the time between what is and what will be, and trust in the process.

It’s a hope that is anchored in Trusting God. It’s summed up in the verse “Faith is the substance of the hoped for, it’s the evidence of things not seen”.  Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

Ps Paul de Jong
Senior Pastor

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