First Saturdays

This year we launched our First Saturday Projects at LIFE. So what are they and what does that mean for our community?


As the name suggests, we commit to holding initiatives/events in our community surrounding at least one of our LIFE Campuses on the First Saturday of each month. This has been taking place since April 2017 and we are keen to get as many people involved as possible. The great thing is that the First Saturday events are open to bringing friends, family and colleagues along who do not come to LIFE or are not yet plugged in.  Any connect group/ region/campus or people group can do a First Saturday and we want to empower people to help the community around them!


These events take place on the First Saturday of each month. The idea is that through these one offs – people who have a heart for the community and specific projects will lead a project/group and repeat each month. We can then help transition these projects into a serving group/initiative within community. That way, we have an amazing calendar of events which lists a whole bunch of our community TEAMS that people can join in!


First Saturday projects can take place anywhere across Auckland.


We encourage people to speak to their connect group leader, their Regional Pastor or email our community team to get their group, friends or team involved!


To reach our goal of becoming a Leading Community Agency, we need to empower people to be all they can be and reach the community around them. First Saturdays is a fantastic vehicle to bring new people to church, outwork your God SHAPE, and give back to the community as a family.


If you’d like to know more, please call us on 09 306 4222 or email [email protected] to register your group, connect group, friends or family.

Community Team


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