Failure Freedom – Paul de Jong

Here is the good news, Failure is a human certainty. Our problem is not with failing, as such. What we struggle with is the negative focus around it and our beliefs and feelings when we do, we get what I call “Failure Freeze” .  Depending on the environment we have been bought up in, will determine the levels we deal with it, but the feelings of failure are set to take aim at our very worth, and validity as a person. The usual outcome of repeated cycle of try and fail, is we then fail to try and we live limited.

Failure has a need to be confined, in fact, failure can increase wisdom, if we stop and learn from it and try again, it actually positions us with an advantage, usually what not to do, or what doesn’t work. It’s about looking at life with a healthy perspective, removing the emotion and being educated by them. Science experiments are by nature “discovery by failure”.   In fact Sir Winston Churchill said” Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Interestingly this comes from a man who, as Admiral of the Home fleet in WW1 was blamed for the failed landings of and the heavy losses of  allied forces in Gallipoli, who then became the hero of WW2 victory. Ralph Waldo Emerson said- “Men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories”.

Failure will only succeed when we no longer make an attempt to try. Obtaining God’s promises for our lives require risk, that why we have the spiritual power of faith, it takes us to step out of what we know and have, into what is before us. Let’s see failure as the stumbling up the steps along the stairway to our success.

Paul de Jong
Senior Pastor

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