Get In The Game – B-rad du Jary

What is the church that you see? As a leader I’m sure we all want revival to break out! Salvations Miracles Radical group growth Sunday’s exploding Community initiatives cranking Hundred’s internally free’d!!! Picture that for a moment and ask yourself, What is the church that I see? I said this to my teams before, that […]

Second Tier Leaders – Scott Thornton

The truth is, that synergy ends where entitlement begins. I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me, “When will you do your own thing?”. “Your own thing”… That phrase gets thrown around a lot! We talk about trends and responsibilities, social spaces and hobbies this way. “Oh, that’s not my thing.” When […]

Grow your KNOW – Bradden du Jary

Over my 12 years in youth ministry at LIFE, (9+ of those on staff), and having now shifted into running LIFE’s digital media and hosting Sunday services, I’ve experienced a lot of things, and it was always such an honour to lead and pastor young people. Being in church leadership is not a right, its […]