Something Grand – Jamie Wong

A trickle of water crawls across the rugged rock face. Timidly, it carries the dirt and sand that had fallen fortuitously on its path. The rock scarcely notices. Over time what was once a shy stream gains confidence and evolves into an excitable river. The river travels through the cracks and crevasses crafted by the […]

Beyond – Ben Mays

“We need to talk.” Amazing how those four little words can strike fear into you, right? It might come from a partner, a family member, an employer, an employee… Either way, you know the conversation will be a little heavier than a café review or a commentary on the weather. The night Jesus was arrested, […]

Come On Over – Ben Mays

I was bent forward, every muscle tensed, yet my feet were losing grip of the sand beneath me. If you have never visited one of Auckland’s west coast beaches, this may sound terrifying. Dangerous. Wild. While there are bays galore around the city for gentle paddling, the west coast is known for its rough surf. […]

Born To Overcome – Chelsea Graveson

A LIFE Conference 2018 Blog Overcome: verb ‘succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty)’ One of the things that I absolutely love about youth ministry is seeing young people passionate and on fire for Jesus. I have journeyed with many young people over the years who have been radically saved and I’ve seen their […]