That Which I Dare Create – Jamie Wong

There is something seriously seductive about creativity. Perhaps it’s in the way she whispers in your ear to take your mind off the limitations of logic. She so effortlessly lures you to step outside of the box of conventionalism. She draws you away from the crowds and their tried and true theories. Her siren song […]

I’m Not Creative – Sarah Douglas

Something I’ve become passionately aware of is the saying “I’m not creative”, that most people are so quick to blurt out. I would hear this or something similar, anything along the lines of stating that their brain doesn’t think creatively, probably at least once a day. This statement really annoys me and it annoys me […]

The Open Palm Theory – Jamie Wong

I am not God. Fact. I am incapable of knowing the ‘best possible scenario’. Fact. God is capable of orchestrating the ‘best possible scenario’. Fact. God is good. Fact. If all of the above is true, then I can only conclude that God gives and takes away in accordance to His infinite, astronomical love, and in alignment […]

Behind-The-Scenes – Vicki Millar

A Pirate’s Tale – Behind-the-Scenes Blogumentary I love my job. For me, it’s pretty much Christmas all year round. My task is to come up with the content for our annual ‘Christmas at LIFE’ musical production, something creatively fresh, engaging, super-fun and meaningful. We want to provide a quality production for people who may not normally […]

In The Beginning – Diane Pantoja

First things first, a brief and quick introduction. Hello hello hello! My name is Diane and I am one of the graphic designers here at LIFE, working mostly on conferences and our church’s key events. I have been living the dream, for 5 and a bit years, thanks to this absolute dream of a job! […]

Bridging The Divide – Rhiannon Peters

Reflecting on our most recent LIFE Conference, I am truly humbled by, and also incredibly proud of, the unity we have achieved within our Creative family.  It saddens me that it’s commonly expected and accepted (both in the church and in the secular marketplace) that musicians, vocalists and production teams don’t relate well to one […]