Kindness is a heart condition

A reflection on the homeless lunch service There is no doubt that serving your community has an impact on others, and from chatting to our fellow students and reading their statements, we can agree it has a major impact on our hearts. Practical acts of love from the students and volunteers at Urban Vineyard’s community […]

First Saturdays

This year we launched our First Saturday Projects at LIFE. So what are they and what does that mean for our community? WHAT: As the name suggests, we commit to holding initiatives/events in our community surrounding at least one of our LIFE Campuses on the First Saturday of each month. This has been taking place since […]

No Strings Attached

“…Even when I’m not frogging I like to think of myself as always being an undercover red frog…” When I moved up from Hawkes Bay I was kind of shocked to hear about Red Frogs, in an amazing way of course. It’s this organization that doesn’t ask for anything in return. As soon as I […]