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A Pirate’s Tale – Behind-the-Scenes Blogumentary

I love my job. For me, it’s pretty much Christmas all year round.

My task is to come up with the content for our annual ‘Christmas at LIFE’ musical production, something creatively fresh, engaging, super-fun and meaningful. We want to provide a quality production for people who may not normally come to our services, giving them a taste of the love and goodness of God.

And this year’s production is one I’m really excited about!


I wasn’t even really thinking about it. It was March, and I was focused on preparing for our 2017 Easter production of ‘His Story/My Story’. But in the back of my mind I knew we’d soon need a Christmas idea, one that was immediately appealing to a secular audience more used to blockbuster movies than Christian stories.

And then one morning as I was getting ready for church, there suddenly appeared in my imagination not one, but TWO exciting Christmas show ideas! They really felt like a download from heaven, and I was so excited. I scribbled down notes, put together a one-page pitch of some visual ideas and a very vague story outline for each, and presented them to my manager and team.

They weren’t traditional Christmas ideas.

The second idea… well, you’ll have to wait for next year.

But the first idea was… PIRATES!


Yes, pirates! There’s just something about pirates that’s fascinating to our culture. Pirate movies, pirate costumes, pirate party decorations – these colourful, daring free-spirits have wide-spread appeal. If we could create a band of pirates who weren’t truly criminals at heart, and gave them an opportunity to live honest lives, then we just might have a story. And as soon as I remembered that there is an island in the Indian Ocean called Christmas Island… well, the possibilities opened up!

I asked myself – what are the key elements of a great pirate story?

  1. Buried treasure. Obviously.
  2. Fabulous pirate outfits. Flowy shirts, brocaded coats, big hats, black boots…
  3. Epic ocean voyages
  4. Sword fighting!
  5. Shipwrecks
  6. Tropical islands
  7. And in the case of a musical – fabulous songs & dances

So we’ve taken all these wonderful elements and woven them into a story of Christmas joy & hope.

We would love to welcome you along this Christmas to LIFE’s production of ‘A Pirate’s Tale’ – a Christmas story with a piratical difference.

See for show times and details.

Vicki Millar
Creative Arts Coordinator

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