A Solid Foundation – Logan Stewart

In the world of production, what is a solid foundation? I believe that the area of production serves such a fundamental purpose in the Church and is a vital platform for how we project the message of Jesus Christ. In my eyes, a solid foundation is a place of excellence, an organised and structured environment where there are no distractions. One thing I love so much about our God is how He is SUCH a detailed God. He knows everything about the most intimate parts of us, and he created everything we see. Often there can be negative opinions to running a church service to a highly detailed run sheet – but I love the fact that we serve such a detailed and ordered God, who deserves our absolute excellence.

A solid foundation is an engaging atmosphere that blows people’s expectations and preconceptions of church out of the water. Often, I think of people who come into our church expecting stained glass windows, wooden pews and hymns (don’t get me wrong these are also great things!), and they come to find an energising and relevant environment where they can experience God’s presence.

As the production team, we come together to create a platform for our worship team, our communicators and our leadership. We want that platform to be as healthy and as freeing as possible, to make way for what God wants to do throughout the service. You don’t have to have the most expensive PA system or the largest lighting rig, but I do believe we need to be faithful with what we do have and how we use that to serve God.

This year at LIFE Conference 2017 I believe we created a solid foundation in our production team – not just on a technical level but on a people level as well. Over conference my whole prayer was that God would use me, and initially I was too caught up in the technical to see what God was really doing. Which brings me to another thought – we should always focus first our spirit over our gifting! At LIFE conference, I had the privilege of helping run an audio Master Class which was such a great experience for me. Through that Master Class God brought some amazing people around me and really revealed to me the strengthening of His Church taking place in New Zealand. There feels like such a unity arising in helping each other out and wanting the best for each other. We live in such exciting days!

Logan Stewart
Production Manager
LIFE South

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  1. “We want that platform to be as healthy and as freeing as possible, to make way for what God wants to do throughout the service” love this thought. So true in many areas, a great plumb line to keep going back to!

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