A Legacy To Remember – Johnny Kanawa

As a church we are in an amazing season and have just finished our Legacy month for 2017. It is one of the most special times of the year in church as we reflect on all God is doing here at LIFE, and look ahead to where He is leading us. At the end of our Legacy series we have the opportunity to partner with church financially.

I use the word ‘special’ because of what it does IN me, what it does IN us. As a community we take time to remember. We remember the people, the moments, the changes, the struggles and the celebrations. But most of all, we remember God. As the video footage is played of the last 27 years I’m reminded of the stories that have gone before, and of those still to be told. So many lives and so many families who were willing to sow seeds for others like me, to live in the shelter and eat off the fruit through the obedience and faithfulness of so many I’ll never meet or know. It is an amazing generational echo.

In the Gospel of Luke, in chapter 12, the author urges us to steep ourselves in God-reality, God-initiatives and God-provisions. As I navigate life as a Christian, husband, dad and pastor I am urged to embrace and saturate my life in kingdom living. So when it comes to Legacy, I choose to remember. I remember what God has done in my life, in my family and friends and in my church.

To leave a legacy we need to invest in one and as God continues to write the next chapter of my story; I’m committed to investing in to the next generation to leave a legacy that lasts beyond my life.

Johnny Kanawa
Regional Pastor

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