A Baptism Story – by Nigel

Nigel’s baptism testimony…

Wow what can I say… really the last few months have been an amazing journey.  Let’s just start briefly from the time I became a part of LIFE (I was never really brought up religiously). After some time (of being at LIFE), I met this wonderful lady I truly loved, however the relationship came to an end and coping with the devastation of the separation between us both took its toll on me. From that point on I focused myself more on church. I put my name down to help out in any way which would help me to get out of my shell, meet new people, and of course help our God with growing his kingdom. As time went on there was something inside me wanting to get more involved. Is this God speaking to me? I knew baptism was coming up and my fantastic Pastor, Melissa, and also Leah, had mentioned to me about NEXT STEPS. This is when my incredible journey took a turn. I was so amazed at what NEXT STEPS opened up for me personally, not only about getting baptised, but also what really goes on behind God’s kingdom to make it what it is today. I was blown away with the professional breakdown of each segment within NEXT STEPS, which I strongly encourage anyone to do. For me, it was getting that better understanding of purpose – purpose that I want and what God has in store for me. I got baptised a short while ago, and again, this is another journey as I’ve never been baptised but I could hear God telling me to do this, to cleanse my past, and come back as a new Nigel… From that very point, my journey has been amazing, words sometimes can’t even explain it! My shyness, reservation, and positivity has had a complete turnaround. I no longer worry about my financial situation because I know God will help me. I have so much more energy now. I really can’t explain it in words, but one thing is for sure, that people I know say to me “Gosh you have changed so much. Look at you now.” The transformation of who I was to who I am now is amazing. Thank-you Jesus! I just completed my first conference and working three days full time, and even though I’m tired, I met amazing people and was blessed to help others. Most of all, I was surrounded by family, church family. This journey has just begun. Thank-you NEXT STEPS for not only opening my eyes, but really giving me a deep insight of what God’s purpose is for each and every one of us.

Attends LIFE

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