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Learning to Love Again

Have you ever been hurt by someone before? Have you ever had someone close to you hurt you? Someone you invested time, energy and maybe even money into? Family, a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend? No matter who it has been, the result is the same. Pain, hurt, anger, confusion, sadness, regret, all these things we […]

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Lifelong Struggles 

This is a blog of hope for someone who feels stuck with a lifelong challenge. God see’s you and is looking to show you kindness. There’s a story in the Bible (See 2 Samuel 9 below) that gives us hope when we feel we have been trapped, stuck, or ‘crippled’ our whole life, and this […]

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The Pastors Kid

Growing up a pastor’s kid, I effectively lived at church. I went to the church daycare, was at two services minimum on Sundays, and at least once a month there would be something in the middle of the week too. Because of this, I found myself inheriting my faith rather than actually finding it for […]

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Share Scheming

Sharing the bottom–line with the frontline, the supply-line, and those back at the clothesline. 1 Samuel 29-30 – This is the story of David’s family being kidnapped, how the rescue played out and the debate and decision over how the spoils of victory should be distributed. I reckon it offers some righteous principles for generosity, profit sharing and employee share schemes today.  A key scripture […]

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